Dolly Parton Wigs Catalog

The Wigs below are the excellent products which I've used and tested.
Dolly Parton Country Singer Blonde Wig
Country Music Dolly Parton Costume Wig
Dolly Country Western Singer Wig

Product Features
  • Dolly Parton Country Singer Blonde Wig
  • OnlyMeasures 18 inches long, elastic head net secures snug fit on all heads
  • Made from 100% Synthetic
Product Details
Shipping Weight: 1 pounds 

Product Features
  • One Size
  • Makes a great combination for your halloween costume
  • One size fits all

Product Details

Shipping Weight: 2 pounds

Product Features
  • This classic look is curly with straight bangs
  • Made from 100% Synthetic Elastic netting allows for different head sizes
  • Available in Three Colours Brown, Blonde, Black
Product Details
Shipping Weight:
4.8 ounces